Dynamic in-house manufacturing

As a premium stand construction company and full-service provider, Zenit-Messebau boasts a wealth of know-how and works with its own team of experts. To make sure that projects run smoothly, the project manager coordinates the well-established systems of communication between the design department and craftspeople, in order to ensure the very highest standard of planning, modification and realisation.

With every attention to detail, our in-house architects, craftspeople and assembly teams bring your company’s trade fair appearance to life.

We use state-of-the art equipment to pre-fabricate a multitude of structural parts in our own manufacturing workshop, in order to ensure top-quality work. Delivering technical and handcrafted quality and meeting customer requirements are a matter of course for us, as is cost-aware construction.

With Zenit-Messebau, you will achieve your desired trade fair objective and impress your customers with a creative appearance that perfectly represents your brand image.

Experienced specialists

Our in-house team is comprised exclusively of experienced staff with many years of experience in stand construction. The team is led by our master craftspeople and engineers, who – owing to their expert knowledge in stand construction – can make sound project decisions regarding execution and production. Carpenters, painters, media technicians and architects make sure that your trade fair vision is brought to life without a hitch.

5-axis simultaneous CNC machining centre

Zenit-Messebau uses state-of-the-art manufacturing systems in its stand production. A 5-axis CNC manufacturing system allows us to create unconventional objects and forms. This means that each of the individual stand elements can be lent a touch of special design flair. We can produce complex, organic forms to the highest level of precision and quality, thanks to our cost-effective production techniques. As a professional CNC joinery, we offer you the chance to raise your brand communication to the very highest standard of quality.

Storage and transport

Zenit has access to 10,000 square metres of storage space, which for you means that your trade fair stands can be put into storage and used again for other trade fairs or in-house exhibitions. By making adaptations and design changes, you get a modified, yet impressive new stand for other trade fairs at little expense. Our fleet of vehicles and transport team will take care of the transportation to the fair and make sure that your exhibits reach their destination on schedule.

CNC milling machine in use by Zenit-Messebau

CNC milling machine in use by Zenit-Messebau

Overview of manufacturing by Zenit

  • Modern manufacturing systems with 5-axis simultaneous CNC-controlled machining centres
  • Own joinery
  • In-house painting plant
  • Fleet of vehicles
  • Production and storage space of around 10,000 square metres in Cologne
  • The stand construction team: master craftspeople, engineers, technicians, carpenters, painters
  • A global network of stand builders, built and maintained over decades