The latest generation of showrooms aims to deliver experience-oriented brand communication that enhances the customer relationship through optimum product presentation and that creates customer loyalty.

These days, modern showroom architecture has little to do with the traditional showroom. Today’s showrooms put the focus on experiencing the brand and the company’s products live. The aim is to use individually furnished showrooms to convey a modern “lifestyle experience” that establishes an emotional connection between the customer and the brand.

Zenit-Messebau develops and produces showrooms in line with your corporate guidelines, presenting your products in an optimum look and feel.



Best trade fair stand at the trade fair Mosbuild, Moscow

Best trade fair stand at the trade fair Mosbuild, Moscow

As far back as the ancient high civilisations of the Romans and Greeks, bathing was an important element of life. A large number of baths were built in new provinces, including Cologne, shortly after the Roman conquests. The thermal baths were a place to communicate and to while away the time.

Therapeutic baths were also already well established. Probably the most renowned Roman doctor of his time, Rufus von Ephesus, recommended spending time in the Laconium, as well as steam baths, as a means of wellbeing.

In showroom style, the original idea of the thermal baths of antiquity is stylishly brought to life at international exhibition sites.

Whirlpools, bathtubs and shower trays are presented as part of an integrated product in a realistic setting. With this sophisticated method of three-dimensional brand presentation, KALDEWEI won a renowned award, and, more importantly, successfully branched into a new segment in the international market.