Brand development: A unique stand generates attention. Your trade fair appearance in the “look & feel” of your company

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  2. Upload corporate design – use your corporate design manual
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How do I enter my company style guide? How do I create branding for my company’s trade fair stand?

The trade fair stand online planner allows you to create an impressive presentation for your brand development in just a few minutes. Your company’s corporate design and branding become the main attraction. By applying your visual language consistently, trade fair visitors can get their bearings quickly at the trade fair later on. You can see a finished, configured communication pillar as an example here.

The graphical elements can generally be taken from your style guide. Your website is also a very good source of brand recognition ideas. To copy graphics, simply use the right mouse button “Save image as”. The graphics need to be in JPG or PNG format. Afterwards, simply upload the files to the intended positions. The application adapts the size and perspectives automatically. Tip: Use files that are no larger than 1 MB, so that you don’t have to wait a long time for the presentation. If you’re unsure, just try a few things out. It’s free to use. The configuration doesn’t trigger an automatic order process.

To the trade fair promotional article configurator >>

You can use this to create high-quality USB business cards, mouse pads and pens in your company’s corporate design online, and thereby contribute to your brand development.

Online designer: How to create screenshots:

To do this, Windows 7.0 and Windows Vista offer the “Snipping Tool”, which is already included in the operating system. For Mac OS X, select the key combination apple+shift+4. We recommend that users of other systems visit


Web colours – There are a variety of ways to set a web colour. For example, the browser “Firefox” offers the following add-ons: ColorZilla or Rainbow. For Mac OS X there is a useful little program called “Pipette”.

Graphics – The precise width-to-height ratios are not specified. Please work according to your own preferences. The application positions your graphics in the areas intended. If you aren’t immediately happy with the result, simply change the width-to-height ratio of your graphic and upload the file again.

Banners – Please upload these in the right width-to-height ratio, otherwise they will be “stretched”.

The application works very quickly. Depending on file size and the speed of your Internet connection, it may, however, take a few minutes until the result is ready. The maximum file size for individual graphics may not exceed 10 MB.

Presentation in your company’s style – Click on the finished, configured trade fair stand twice with the magnifying glass. You can judge the result very well in screen size. We recommend that you print out the result in colour in size DIN A3.

Our design experts will be happy to assist you in your brand development. Direct contact: 02203-9141-35

To a large degree, the trade fair stands described above can be configured online. Not all of the details can be considered. Nevertheless, you can use the tool for an initial enquiry, as the trade fair stands can be individually adapted. The business model is based on rented stands. Purchase options are also available. For a trade fair briefing it is helpful if we know your needs. Even if everything is not yet quite right, each offer caters for your specific requirements in the next phase. Of course, you can also leave the configuration up to our experts. In this case, simply enter your contact details in the configurator, or call our experts at the telephone number above. We will then plan your trade fair stand ourselves online (or offline if you have any different special requirements) and send you a “branded” design proposal right away.

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