The majority of stands at European trade fairs – around 90 percent these days – are rented. Many of the stand construction elements are therefore standardised and are part of a stand construction company’s stocks. Generally, professionally organised trade fair stocks include cross-bars, floor systems, lighting systems, shelves, kitchen elements, furnishings, counters, monitors, electrical distribution boards and much more. Zenit-Messebau GmbH has special, large warehouses for this stock, which are directly joined to our workshops.

When it comes to purchasing a stand, the customer should take the number of times they will appear at trade fairs into consideration in their commercial assessment. If, for example, the company only takes part in a leading trade fair every one or two years, a rented stand is no doubt the better option.

On the other hand, companies who take part in an event, a press conference or a trade fair several times a year should consider purchasing individual stand modules. This is especially the case if, for example, you want to react flexibly and at short notice to small or local exhibitions. Our company also offers sturdy packing crates to make storage and logistics as easy as possible for you.

Permanent exhibitions, such as a foyer or a company museum, can also take on the character of a trade fair. Here, we generally speak of permanent structures, although these can indeed very closely resemble trade fair stands. Purchasing a trade fair stand is also recommended in this instance.

It is often possible to use various stand modules multiple times. It is frequently the case, for example, that exhibition elements are integrated into a showroom after a trade fair. This means, of course, that the customer can deviate from the common standards and incorporate their own independent design solutions. As a general rule, an independent design is the most distinctive and memorable.

The arguments in favour of a rented stand

  • Design and technology are always state of the art
  • Constantly updated stand elements
  • High degree of flexibility in changing the modules
  • Low risk, no capital commitment
  • No own storage costs
  • No own trade fair staff necessary
  • Little preparation and follow-up work

The arguments against a rented stand

  • Scarcity during busy trade fair times
  • Flexibility required for smaller events
  • Customised structures

The arguments in favour of a purchased stand

  • Strong focus on design possible
  • Small in-house exhibitions & events need no external help
  • Unconventional special requirements are possible
  • If little change is intended
  • Images and graphics can be used multiple times
  • Materials are available immediately
  • All elements can be controlled

The arguments against a purchased stand

  • Own packing and storage necessary
  • High purchase price
  • Transport costs for trade fairs far away